Birthday Notifications

One feature of Facebook is the ‘Birthday Notifications’ feature in which many would tell me they are thankful for: Thank god for this feature! I wouldn’t forget or miss out on people’s birthday anymore.

Suddenly on my birthday, people that I don’t even talk to or bears no significance in my life suddenly becomes my ‘friend’. I don’t like it; people whom I do not know wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’ (#humblebrag material by the way) and then vanishing from my life until my next birthday comes again. In primary school, we’d receive cards and/or presents. Then few years later, fewer cards and more text messages and now, fewer text messages as they are replaced by ‘wall posts’ by strangers and close friends. This form of convenience is eroding relationships and I am saddened. I mean, if you don’t even care about the person or at least know him or her, I rather you don’t wish them Happy Birthday. Or at least, for my case, don’t do that. It’s almost akin to saying ‘I love you’ but not actually loving that person. And what’s equally as annoying is that the Birthday person, out of convenience of not responding with proper sentences, would resolve to just ‘liking’ their birthday wishes. That bloody ‘like’ button which I constantly find myself guilty of clicking. What a ridiculous way for building this illusion that we are still friends.



5 thoughts on “Birthday Notifications

  1. I removed my birthday from Fb last year for that very reason but many wrote on my wall *only after* a few close friends wished me. I am thinking of closing my wall or putting a fake birthday hahahah

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