A beautiful day, albeit I find myself pulled into the fatigue of the afternoon heat. I’ve consumed about 150 pages of Rivka Galchen’s ‘Atmospheric Disturbances’ with intervals of tea, guitar riffs on unknown tuning and a short nap.

Are absences presented intentionally or unintentionally, I do not know.
But a very interesting thing I’ve read last night about absences is that they reveal to us truth; or do they? Gaps that point out inconsistencies in relation to our preconceived notion of ‘truth’. Thus, in relation to ‘reality’, as much as realism represents truth, absences also paradoxically present to us truth by not presenting certain things. As every thing we encounter does not stand alone, but instead only mean in relation to continuous and variable other(s).

I keep thinking of sweets and cookies (soft ones) eaten together with coffee. Wooden table out on a patio, with a breeze that does not slice through skin but subtle and gentle enough to caress even the wretched of souls, transforming them into crystallized revelations about purposes and desire.


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