How I wish that this exists: A replicate of a woman’s womb where women don’t actually have to contain the foetus in their own womb. All they have to do is carry out artificial insemination in which the fertilized egg does not have to be replanted in the uterus but rather, in the WOMB REPLICATE which will then be stored in an incubator, or refrigerator of some sort. After nine months or so, the parent can collect their child at the hospital. Foetus in a fridge.

Some say that the baby need to be in an actual body so that it can be properly nurtured with warmth and care. But, I’ll nurture it with warmth and care once the baby is collected. Heck, I’d even drop by the hospital to play my foetus Sonata in D.

My friends think I’m crazy, heartless and unethical. But I think it’s genius. Who knows, with rapid technology improvements, this will actually materialize.


6 thoughts on “Inventions

  1. Hahaha. Until that sort of thing exists, I can offer you my uterus.

    I don’t mind incubating the thing for nine months, it’s the next 20 years that come after that I dread.

  2. Lol how nice of you. that’s probably the weirdest and most valuable thing anyone has ever offered to me HAHA.

    And you call it ‘the thing’. You’ll make an amazing mother : P

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