I don’t consider myself that fussy when it comes to food. And I try to make it a point that I don’t eat meat for lunch. So on Sunday, Philip (my sister’s boyfriend, to those who don’t know) offered to buy lunch for me since I was home and my parents were not around and he was coming to pick my sister up anyway. The crucial question: What to eat? Simply, I said ‘chap fan with two types of vegetables, preferably one that is leafy and the other is not’ (I told this to my sister who conveyed the message to Philip). So she said with a tone of a really demanding woman (jokingly of course but hilarious) CHAP FAN WITH TWO VEGGIES. ONE LEAFY THE OTHER NOT LEAFY. NO TUBERS ( I laughed at this). BRINJAL CAN. BUT ONLY TWO VEGGIES. ONE LEAFY ONE NOT LEAFY. NO TUBERS!

And yes, as the title suggests, I opened the chap fan packet to see a leafy vegetable (good) and an egg.

This is why the storm happened.


So a terrible storm fell upon Subang. And there were ice. And I picked them up amongst the leaves and branches that had messed the garden up. And I stood with my sister and Philip and my dog, Charlie, watching the sky releasing ice pebbles onto the ground. When my parents came back my mom said ‘LILLIAN DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED?!!’ I thought she was referring to our garden but no. What had happen was when I walked out to the row of houses in front of mine, uprooted trees on houses’ porch, touching the roofs, big trees on cars, guard house toppled over, more trees uprooted etc. But this is the horrifying scene: Clusters of people surrounding those poor houses, taking pictures of the houses with their camera phones, digital cameras, DSLRs etc. as if they’re at a tourist destination, taking pictures of themselves in front of the house etc. So I went home, talked about the incident and this is what my mom said to my sister, Philip and I:

This is what happens when the three of you skipped church today


6 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Hahahaha! Sorry, the storm was terrible but the way you explained things made me laugh.

    Haha is this updated from the library? Aiman said you left really early.

    And why no meat for lunch?

  2. Hello, I’m visiting your blog for the first time in months! For some reason I feel that lllly(the blog) is best enjoyed on a binge. The part on chapfan in caps was hilarious. :-)

    Good luck for your partial vegetarianism! I’ll be wearing my green tshirt with carrot on your behalf now.


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