You know that awkward moment when you are about to pronounce a brand or a particular word which you are not sure of how it’s supposed to sound? And you say it anyway, hoping that no one will know the correct pronunciation?

“That bag from Hermes is so expensive!”

“Let’s have meatballs at Ikea!”

“May I have a bruschetta please?”

“Oh my friend got her shower gel from L’Occitane”

Insert awkward pause.

Last year, I decided that I should Google these words so at least I don’t get all awkward and self conscious the next time I say these:


Hermes: With silent ‘H’, AIR-MEZ
Givenchy:  JHI-VON-SHEE
Yves Saint Laurent: EVES- SAHN- LORE- ONT
Guy Laroche: GEE- LA- ROSH
Loewe: LO-AY-VAY
L’Occitane: LOX-EE-TAHN
Peugeot: PUH-JHO 

And for the really interesting one: Moleskine (Those really expensive notebooks) and here’s how you pronounce it- CLICK

And food!

Bruschetta: BROOS-KAY-TAH
Aglio Olio: AH-LIO-OH-LIO
Salmon: SEH-MON (rhymes with lemon); not SAHL MON or SELLL MON
Paella: PAH-EY-YA
And here’s your guide to the basic Italian menu- CLICK 


11 thoughts on “ProNUNciation

  1. I used to pronounce salmon and almond the right way, but then everybody kept asking me to repeat myself until I added in the silent L.

      1. Oh god. HAHA. One of my friend actually tricked his teacher into believing that HULL is pronounced as HOOOOOOL. LOL. And she did pronounce it as hoooool during the whole class : P

      2. HAHA. Oh, secondary school teachers.

        Also I just realized I’ve been mispronouncing bruschetta. TO CUSTOMERS. This is what I get for trusting my Myanmar colleagues’ english.

    1. Hahahaha i thought you meant William shakespeare! ! And i was…but will shakes don’t even know what’s ikea! Lol shy

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