Three Parts

Part One: Warpaint

I discovered them only about two months ago and instantly fell in love. Here’s one of my favourite songs from them. And I prefer their live materials so much more than the studio/recorded versions. The bassist (Jenny Lee Lindberg) and drummer (Stella Mozgawa) are amazing- such groovy beats and lines!

Part Two: Sexual Independence- The Fight Must Go On

I am extremely glad that my friend, Michelle Chan had the will, courage and passion to write about this (and they’re really inspiring). I don’t think I can write something as good and thought-provoking. And this is something great that I must share! Plus, check out her blog on her Australian escapade.

Click here to read her article.

Part Three: The Coming

Of Jesus? Perhaps. I just had this thought a few days ago. When we say the word ‘Jesus’ most of us would have a mental image of what he would look like. If not, just watch The Passion of Christ, search the internet, flip through an illustrated bible or something. Which I also like to point out, try to Google image ‘Jesus’ and ‘Nabi Muhammad’ and see how different things are. A zillion pictures of Jesus and almost none of Nabi Muhammad. My point is, does Jesus really look like that? I imagine myself walking around Taipan or One Utama or around my neighbourhood and then I come across this man and he says, ‘Lillian, I am the son of God’ (and let’s assume that He really is), and then I think to myself ‘Goodness, what a creep’ ‘You do not look like him AT ALL’ ‘YOU LYING’


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