It’s the end of another day. And I will go to bed with the comfort of knowing that I don’t need much at all. Perhaps time is what we all need. Because, I see the things that makes me happy.

I tend to open my wardrobe and find myself overwhelmed by a terrible sense of inadequacy. I daydream about things I most probably picked up from watching too many movies and TV shows. I look at Ikea catalogues and mentally draw out a plan of my future home.

But in the midst of a good conversation over a good cup of coffee in a place I’ve never been but chosen on a whim because it has the name ‘Coffee’ in it, I know that I don’t need anything more. And when I come home and am greeted by my mother while I tell her about my day, I know that I don’t need anything more. We sit by the door while it rains and we read our books silently. We try out a new restaurant, we talk like close friends do. I see my father and mother as they laugh and poke fun of each other and I tell myself that, I really don’t need more than this.


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