I think the first think that comes to your head when you realise you’ve lost something would be “SHIT”. And you’ll think about how important that thing is to you and all the things that you will miss or why hadn’t you been more careful etc.

But the thing is, soon enough you will not miss it. Sort of like when you throw things away that you realise you don’t exactly need anymore. You give yourself reasons why. I’m thinking if detachment is really that good a thing to have.



9 thoughts on “

  1. So may I indulge in this bloggy chatter…
    Your bible said
    “I am not me”
    So did u lost your mind this time?? :P

    1. “I am not my own”, to be precise. Ha ha. No, I didn’t. Though, I did lose my little notebook with a lot of things written in them : (

      1. You didn’t lose your mind, but you lost some memories.
        Detachment? sad
        moving on is a skill, and prolonged – becomes a habit.


  2. No, never I mentioned that its a bad habit. Its just a skill, and after awhile, instead of ‘MAKING’ yourself move on, it becomes a Habit.

    When it becomes a habit to move on easily, folks tend to be less… cautious.
    Thus, more lossy wossy., and loosey woosey.
    Does this make any sense to you?

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