A rant about my own idiocy

There are times when all those cumulative years of education and logic/rationale building completely disappears especially when it involves money and food (or maybe just money), and that time was just about fifteen minutes ago.

So, I bought a box of yogurt bars. And yogurt bars are expensive. The expiration date of yogurt bars- SEPT 2012. But when I opened the cupboard to take a look at the box of yogurt bars, I realised that the box was oily so I opened the box to see that the ends of the yogurt bar wrappers were oily as well. It’s the damn Malaysian weather. So, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN DOES THIS MEAN I THROW THE YOGURT BARS AWAY OR KEEP THEM SOMEWHERE MAYBE IN THE FRIDGE?!

Okay not yet. So I consulted my mother, in which also, many years of education and rationale building had gone down the drain because we thought:

-those yogurt bars are expensive
-it hasn’t expired

So I opened one to see that it definitely did not look like what it’s supposed to look like (referring to picture on box). BUT it smells fine. Maybe I should taste it, so I did and IT TASTES OKAY. Okay, throw this one away. Hesitate for 5 minutes, open another one. THIS LOOKS PRETTY OKAY. THIS TASTES QUITE OKAY TOO. So I asked my dad for a confirmation and all he said was ‘this is so sweet’. So okay. I feel good. Quite good. I ate the entire bar. Then I felt bad. Felt bad for mental images of bacteria growing exponentially in my stomach started to play again and again. So I threw everything away.

I now have probably bad yogurt bar in me.



2 thoughts on “A rant about my own idiocy

  1. Oh Lilly. I understand your dilemma. If I’m not sure about whether a food’s gone bad and refuse to throw it away, I leave it to decide on another day, by which something would’ve already grown on it and then throwing it away becomes much, much easier.The yoghurt bit probably has additives to make it last longer, perhaps it won’t become a petri dish in your tummy.

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