London (An Overview)

Hot and sunny days like these don’t come by very often in London, even in the summer. It rains too often and we have to check the weather forecast before we head out. For the first week, we used a map and had to constantly refer to the tube lines to get to places. Your perception of London will do you no justice if you were to just go there for a couple of days, visiting major tourist attractions, and head back home. It takes time, for those who can spare. When I have reached the point where no map was needed and breakfasts could take up to one hour, while watching Friends on the TV before heading out for our walk towards the tube station, that was when I start to fall in love with the place- when you have to yourself a sense of independence in a place so new and full, waiting to be explored and peeled, layer by layer.

Here are just some of my favourite parts from the whole lot. Occasionally, we would come home (refer to last picture- that was the street we take on the way home from the station) and cook dinner and eat and talk. It was a busy house the past month with visitors (us included) and parents kind to offer us scrumptious suppers, and wholesome conversations- even though about Korean popstars. Almost every morning, I will be woken up by the sound of my friend preparing for work, dressed smartly in a blazer. We would wave each other goodbye and I’ll fall back into deep slumber before my day starts a few hours later. It was raining when we went up to Primrose Hill, my shoes soaked wet, I had only a layer on (we never really learnt our lesson to wear thicker clothes until the end of the trip) and the walk up was well, steep. The rain and cold formed a misty panorama of London and I stood there, trying not to shiver, clenching my fists, taking deep breaths as if the harder I inhale, the deeper that scene would be embedded in my head.

As soon as someone dies, frenzied construction of the future
Roland Barthes in Mourning Diary

* Credits to Cherie for ‘Camwhoring with Edvard Munch’ photo and Jasmine for the photo with me, writing in Hyde Park


6 thoughts on “London (An Overview)

  1. I really like photo number:
    – 3
    – 4
    – 7
    – 10 (Ogleshiet? sounds really fun for food, it looks like it weighs 20kg as well, is it cheese?)

    You’re definitely having your Post London ‘Deepression’ now eh

    1. Thank you! Yes Ogleshield is cheese, and the stall sells toasted cheese which is pretty damn good.

      Yes, and I might take some time to recover !

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