No rush seems to be the way we do things, and Amsterdam is just that: light and easy. Taking a slow and long walk in the morning was my favourite way to experience the city. Plus, I really enjoyed the Anne Frank Museum.

No, this isn’t the Anne Frank Museum if you’re wondering. But it’s a church just next to/behind (?) it.

Among the fresh local produce, there were pickled herring, which I did not try, which I retrospectively regret. But eating berries while watching people playing frisbee, or dogs roaming around gleefully quite did it for me.

Strangely but not surprisingly, I don’t remember much of Amsterdam- I remember having intermittent stomach cramps and the intense craving for soup, which I satiated with a bowl of beef udon ( joy). I also remember having a really good custard puff. We sat on a bridge and talked and not talk, our feet tired but incredibly satisfied. And our hostel at Kerkstraat is one I would fondly talk about, despite what a friend coined as the shower paradox. People drinking, shouting and laughing, and I, watching. Slept so deeply with the sound of Nutella ringing constantly in my head until it finally disappeared. I’ve heard from many people that one visit to Amsterdam should suffice (and I found myself agreeing to that before), but we should go there again one day.


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