Slow Magic

This was possibly one of my favourite days in London (And this is the final installment of my holiday posts):

I can’t decide which is lovelier: Primrose Hill during or after the rain?

So much walking was to be treated with good food at Jamie’s. Here, I had squid ink pasta with scallops, surrounded by businessmen (and women) in their work attire. They strut the streets with their mobile devices in hand, talking and walking very quickly. But that sort of sterile (or to others: an ideal life), mechanical pace and atmosphere quickly change within the dining hall. People chatter, carrying out conversations with one another, face to face. Something I find scarce here. So, do put away your electronics while you eat with people. It is rude and disrespectful, no matter where you are.

Measuring time through certain ‘important points’ cause me to panic (in my heart). It has been more than two months since my long holiday in London and Europe, and slightly less than two weeks before my final semester of my life (added exaggeration) THE END IS NEAR.
But while mapping out a timeline of certain things, I can’t help but to revel in the beauty of…everything (us).


5 thoughts on “Slow Magic

  1. I bet that picture with the dude and bicycle knew you were snapping him, hence he’s prolly acting to avoid looking. To keep that cool swag.

    4th pic is my fav, it gives a sense of journey – with someone, or anyone. With the sun behind the clouds, it seems to give a sense of hope as well.


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