I don’t generally write posts like these, but I was looking through some pictures from Facebook (my biggest source of old pictures- I never really keep any on my own) and thought that it’d be nice to share some photos maybe some of you might not have seen. Here are a few things I miss tonight:


That raspberry clotted cream crepe


This was “Making a Difference”, a unit on global and historical political movements. Our mock protest in front of the library: “Education for the Nation”
I miss Mr. Julian and his selection of songs played before lectures.


This picture sums up our friendship quite well. I miss being annoyed by this creature, vice versa.


The view from where I was standing


Having breakfasts and home cooked meals here. Watching Friends with friends.

Walking home

The sunset in your eyes. Undecided about what to eat after Writing Experiments. Loitering.


The slow morning stroll


Eating berries and drinking beer at the park


Singaporean beer and many funny songs sung along the way


Cherie and V&A museum

Christina nights

Mid-exam therapy. I remember the nightly jaunts at the park, singing under the table with Christina; Don and Arman’s mash up on Nutella, the night drive and conversation after with Erik sleeping at the backseat.


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