The sun is setting over us now, engulfing pasts, taking all possibilities with it, enveloping them within diaphanous fixtures and there is no way we can congeal time, crystallize realities. Once these needless reservations wither away over the silence we have between us, I find myself remembering again how easy it is to be next to you. These words fall to the ground and they dissipate, but they travel through these veins heading to nowhere but towards a moment we call ‘here and now’. I can’t hold these things with me, these nuances dancing upon your lips, they disappear when you hold your hand out like this. The ease of leading us along these roads that take us elsewhere culminates from knowing that this in fact will not be a constant reality- you belong elsewhere and I here, manoeuvring through motions of uncertainties. However, a few things remain true as long as I keep them close to heart: We belong to time that is severed by the people we love and if you ask me again, I will never step foot into your reality, because what makes mine, are those seemingly undefinable but nonetheless personally significant stories I tell you about, those things that you told me you were happy for and I take your word for it, because I will hold on to that and make sure that I will not falter when I build my reality around her. That is all that matters and I am sure of it; of her. I take your word, and I take these moments, every gesture and every (un)spoken lies, and keep them far away but never forgotten.


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