Traveling with your Ex-Lover: Day 1

Nothing much really, just a 14 hour plane ride which really tested our patience. But with plenty of free time, we thought of a few Q&A to share with you.

1. Best person to spend 14 hours in a plane with
Erik: My brother, Jason
Lilly: Dr. Sharon Bong, my Gender Studies and Creative Writing lecturer. I can listen to her speak for 14 hours and won’t get enough. Mmmm.

Best and worst part of being in a relationship
Erik: The worst part is how you sometimes lose your temper really easily when you’ve been together with someone for a while. Best part would be that despite how irrational, overbearing and paranoid some people can get when they’re in a relationship, they also strive to be, and are better than they normally are.
Lilly: Hmm. A relationship is bad when two lovers become inward looking, indulgent to the point of being utterly selfish. Then they cease to add value in the lives of those around them, which is quite counter productive. Best thing, is when you get to understand yourself in the eyes of someone you love and that is comforting, very encouraging and most of all, it makes you want to be that better person.

What you have learnt from past relationships
Erik: That human beings are complex, three dimensional creatures that you can’t reduce to an easily understandable notion of “what you want this person to be” in your head. Sounds like a mouthful but it just means that when you’re in a relationship you have to realise that the person you’re seeing is just complex and thinks thoughts which are just as deep as yours.
Lilly: I see parts of myself which I don’t like and that makes me very evasive. Which is something I realise about myself often :(

What have you learnt about Lilly/Erik today?
Lilly: Erik’s favourite subject in high school was Physics and History. and, he poops A LOT. A LOT.
Erik: I do not poop a lot! It’s just the weather that’s been making me poop and pee really slowly. Anyway, Lilly gets really restless on a long distance flight and vents by hitting people in her immediate vicinity (ie. me).

Today, we’ll be flying off to Prague in the evening! Additional note, three people sleeping on one bed (Cherie, Erik & Lilly)- mhmm. OK BYE!


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