Traveling With Your Ex-Lover: Day Two|London

Hello, from our first Tube ride in London!


Highlight of the day
Waking up in the morning to the cold and the sun playing hide and seek with your face is a beauty. We went to Hyde Park for a stroll and I loved it- the autumnal colors and the sound of these golden leaves crunching under my feet, watching people jog or have their own leisurely stroll, finding ourselves in a tree. London park air, how I missed you! You can watch our brief appearance and #ootd moments here from 2:07 onwards plus special appearance of BURRITO ERIK at the end (thanks, Cherie!):

Lowpoint of the day 
We are supposed to be in Prague by now, but we missed the flight. There was a terrible jam on the way to the airport and we arrived there late. I was so tense the entire bus ride, it really wasn’t fun at all (I wasn’t fun at all too). So we went to the ticketing counter to see if there are any available flights we could take, only for the man to tell us that our flight was actually IN THE MORNING. I THOUGHT IT WAS 8PM. DAMN YOU 24 hour system, DAMN ME FOR BEING SO FUCKING CARELESS. So, we just sat outside the airport in the cold and weighed our options out. Yes, we will head to Prague tomorrow! What an expensive drama to add to this blog post. All is good, all is well.

Did you learn anything new about yourself?
I am very careless, sometimes forgetful and that is nothing new. I always took myself to be an ‘out of sight out of mind’ sort of person. But I’ve been feeling a little ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, which I find quite surprising, to be honest.

Did you learn anything new about the Erik?
Erik is seriously very calm and patient. I am actually thankful he didn’t burst out in frustration during the whole missed flight situation. But to be honest, I felt a little annoyed for a split second because I took that as nonchalance. Do something, anything! But thanks for being so kind and nice :)

Song/movie that describes your day
Kangaroo Court by Capital Cities.  Had been in my head the entire day!

A quote that best sums up the day
Not that it summed up the day, but it made my day. “All days are nights to see till I see thee, and nights bright days when dreams do show thee to me”. Chummy yummy.

5 senses game – write something interesting about what you tasted, smelled, felt, heard and saw
Feasted my eyes on a large array of old movie posters in a vintage shop in Soho. I wished I could spend more time and money there but I’m happy leaving with a poster from one of my favourite movies, About De Souffle (Breathless ) by Jean Luc Goddard. The smell of FALL- cold, wet earthy leaves. The taste of…okay, didn’t really have that great a meal today. All I had for dinner was half a muffin. The texture of tree barks; if there’s a way to describe it, I would say that they felt like what a baby’s bottom would have felt, but on a tree. The sound of happiness :)


Highlight of the day
Highlight of the day had to be a vintage magazine shop on Brewer street in Soho. The walk there was a highlight in itself – weaving in and out of narrow streets packed with cafes, various curios and the odd sex shop or four. I enjoy Soho for a variety of reasons but primarily because it has a dense, grimy, unpretentious charm to it. One feels completely at ease leaning against a pole and lighting up, watching the always interestingly dressed locals crowd and mill about. Regarding the magazine shop: Creatively named “Vintage Magazine Shop”, it stood out immediately and seemed to draw us in. Inside – filled with vintage magazines from the war and pre-war era, film postcards and posters ranging from the French Nouvelle Vague to cult staples like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Lilly got a “Breathless” film poster while I wanted everything and ended up getting nothing (which was to be remedied on my penultimate day in London).

* Carnaby Street, on our way to Soho (sorry no pictures of Soho!)

Low point of the day
The little detail of missing the flight to Prague seems like something worthy of this title but the bus ride to the airport was pretty hellish as well. Post missing flight: lugging our bags back to Cherie’s in the rain I told myself I’d rather be cold, wet and miserable in London than anywhere else in the world. Who said I’m a pessimist!

Did you learn anything new about yourself?
I learnt I transform from being a mildly cantankerous 22-year curmudgeon with nothing nice to say to a bright eyed, rosy-cheeked schoolboy on the first day of summer break when I’m here. Things are progressing really fast between us – I’m falling for this city in what has been the one full day we’ve spent in each other’s company. Love is many a strange thing.

Did you learn anything new about Lilly?
Lilly speaks really softly. Funny how I’ve never noticed this before.

Song/movie that describes your day
Singing In The Rain by Gene Kelly. Because it rains a lot here and I hum a lot as well. Movie- Get Carter. Because Soho has a really cool vibe about it and because I imagine Michael Caine narrating my London escapades and it is as glorious as it sounds in my head. (fun fact: I read somewhere that if you say “My cocaine” in a Brit accent it sounds like Michael Caine saying his own name).

Get Carter

Stray observations:
– London is a multicultural potboiler much like KL and I don’t feel out of place at all.
– Everyone hurtles along at breakneck speed while walking on the streets
– Cherie is a fidgety sleeper/ sleepy fidgeter. Lilly sleeps like a corpse, I wasn’t sure if she was breathing at one point.
– Cherie is fantastic to shop with because she picks out the best things for me and also prevents all my impulse buys (except the Christmas pug socks which she approved of).
– Lilly takes longer to shop than I do. This is actually surprising.
– Her housemates Becky and Chloe are super nice.
– I slept in a t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, wrapped myself up in a blanket and was burrito stuffed into a sleeping bag. Still felt like a popsicle in the morning.
– Cherie lent me: eye-drops, shampoo, body wash, iPhone charger, sound fashion advice and hand luggage for Prague. What would I do without ye?

DAY THREE will be up soon, while we sort our working lives and (lack of?) social lives out. Next up, our actual flight to Prague, ‘transcendental’ moments at Tate Modern Museum, ox tongue delicacy etc.

Have a good week, friends.


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