Traveling With Your Ex-Lover: Day 3 & 4 | London & Prague

Hello from Prague!
We’ve been really busy with work and re-adjusting to new (and not so new) things happening in our lives. But let’s talk about Prague- a place that we can truly say, is the most beautiful city we have ever experienced and come to know. Our stories of discoveries begins from here on.


Highlight of the day
I’ll just jump right in and list stray recollections and reflections. I’m also going to cheat because all of Praha is a highlight in its own right. Walking down Petrin hill to be greeted by the most glorious view of the city – Prague literally glows in the sunlight and all I could think of is that it looked like the setting from an old Brothers Grimm fairytale book. We wandered the streets of the city, stopping intermittently at bookshops, classical music shops, churches, cafes and a cat’s gallery. Highlights were innumerable, the Old Town Square and Prague Castle come immediately to mind but slipping away into the little side streets adjacent from the more touristy locations was even better. One independent bookstore in particular, Knihy Bucher Books, housed a collection of English, Czech and German literature as well as some of the most ornate prints and postcards I’ve seen.

etrin Hill

Lowpoint of the day
None. (if I had to nitpick it would be that there are only 24 hours in a day)

Did you learn anything new about yourself?
Quite a heavy and sobering one in fact. Are you sufficiently prepared? Here goes it – I realized I accumulate a lot of excess baggage and residual guilt from previous relationships and it sort of just builds up in the back of my head. Lilly on the other hand can get over someone in a week. For me it takes months of R&R, inspirational quotes and binge eating. I also realized I can pinpoint a moment in time when something important happened with reasonable accuracy even though these things might have occurred 5 to 10 years ago.

Did you learn anything new about Lilly?
I’ve never realized this but Lilly has trouble writing descriptively. She’s very good at writing about emotions and what she feels but there’s a mental block for her when it comes to writing about THINGS. Writing for her is a restrictive experience – she never feels that she can quite describe what she’s feeling or thinking whereas for me it’s the complete opposite – writing is the closest I’ve come to a religious experience.

Song that describes your day
I’m going to keep up my cheating ways by listing three:

Hey Ho by The Lumineers because I was humming this with irritating frequency all day.
Georgia on my mind by Ray Charles because a bunch of street musicians were playing this in the city square.
The Suburbs by Arcade Fire specifically for the line:

“So can you understand?
Why I want a daughter while I’m still young
I wanna hold her hand
And show her some beauty
Before this damage is done
But if it’s too much to ask, it’s too much to ask
Then send me a son”

Quote that sums up the day
Thought about this when we visited one of the churches with gorgeous but foreboding tapestry:
“Peacefully they will die, peacefully they will expire in your name, and beyond the grave they will find only death. But we will keep the secret, and for their own happiness we will entice them with a heavenly and eternal reward.”
—The Grand Inquisitor to his savior in The Brothers Karamazov

Erik in pensive zone.

Stray observations:

Our AirBnB host, Tereza, is a roller-skating, skim-milk drinking, vegan hippy. She’s also the warmest, quirkiest person ever. She makes this clicking noise when ending a sentence as if to say cheers.

I think Kristine would love Prague, specifically the Cat’s Gallery where she would implode upon entering.

I could drink Kozel for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper. I’ll take back frothy memories of that dark, smooth, rejuvenating elixir washing down my throat in Motto café. Think Kilkenny but actually good.

Czech puppets were used as symbols of national pride back in the day when the Czech Republic was struggling to gain independence from Austria.

Lilly doesn’t wash her feet immediately after taking off her shoes. This is starting to become a bit of a problem because foot cleanliness is a big issue to me. Will report back on the situation in a few days.



Highpoint of the day
Every goddamn thing was a highlight. Taking slow steps on our morning jaunt, I was already in love, submerging myself with the terraces and buildings set on a slope with the morning sun rising. Petrin Hill to my right, Prague castle to my far left, overlooking the quaint and frozen city feels immediately surreal and dream-like. I was saying ‘oh my god’ every few minutes because I couldn’t fully encapsulate the beauty that was befriending me. It was at once strange and overwhelmingly breathtaking. Plus, our food experiences today had been amazing. Damn, that piece of meat in tube form we all know as sausages. You excite my taste buds and other parts of my body. A surprising food discovery would also be the Indian cuisine we had just opposite Tereza’s apartment. SAAG ALOO, you the bomb.

Lowpoint of the day
After our long bus ride to Luton Airport (we had a new flight to catch to Prague, for missing it last night), we were standing for the airport transfer bus and it was fucking (profanity is necessary to make you understand the extremity of the condition) cold. Worst part of the day was the chicken noodle (you’ll notice along the way that we had a lot of Asian food) dinner I had in the airport. How can something so simple taste so bad? It really can.


Did you learn anything new about yourself?
From my Tate Modern experience in London: I realize that there should be no difference in the expressive capacities of a representational painting from a sculpture or from an empty cup. Everything speaks. And they speak of our visions of happiness. Also, Erik and I were talking about our past relationships earlier during lunch. I realised that I fall very quickly and deeply in love but I also forget easily. Once I decide to leave, I leave no trace behind and take very little with me of having loved at all.

Did you learn anything new about Erik?
He is so much more a morning person than I am. I feel like he’s all bright and shiny eyed in the morning where it takes forever for me to get out of bed. Also, I’ve learned that the writing process for Erik enriches his original experience/encounter. He also writes down everything he sees/experiences. Every single detail such as street and shop names, is jotted down in that brown notebook of his, which I find interesting. Is Erik a memory hoarder? I really think so.

Song that describes your day
Hey Ho. Erik has been humming it the ENTIRE DAY that it leaves no space for any other song to occupy my head. Sob. Good song though.

Quote that sums up the day
To err is human, to float, divine — Woody Allen.

Stray observations
Czechs generally don’t smile a lot.

The devil to the Czechs is perceived as a symbol of comedy rather than evil

Tereza, our Air B&B host is a true blue hippie. Her apartment smells like spice all the time and she’s an environmental journalist.

I think Erik has a minor crush on Tereza. Ok, he has a a crush on her. He’s so amused by the way she clicks her tongue after she ends her sentences. (Okay, I find that really cute too)

The way shadows plaster themselves onto the walls of the buildings in Prague

I like to annoy Erik by not washing my feet once we enter our room. I know it really pisses him off but I’m sometimes too lazy to head to the bathroom the first thing our apartment! So, there. I’m quite a procrastinator.

rague Castle

Next up: HEAVY conversations between Erik and I. More Prague discoveries that changed us through and through.


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