[…] Our differences in ideas of [fulfilment], [desire], and ultimately notions of [right] and

doesn’t make any of us have greater morale, values or lives than the other. Notice I placed words in a square bracket, to show you that all these terms are contingent ones, open to the continual state of becoming, always redefined by the people who use these very words.

I urge you to question your own sense of rightness and wrongness- place them in specific historical and social contexts, and delve deeper into what it all can mean. My story, my experiences, my frustration, and paragraphs after paragraphs of personal sentiment sprawled for you to read is only one part of a story from an entire spectrum of things that are yet to be fully discovered by all of us. The problem with notions of morality and everything else under the light of ‘normality’ and ‘truth’ is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete.

Just like these words, perpetually incomplete in their meaning, so I am too, always far from being complete.

So are you.

But that is beautiful, because then I will always have space to learn, to explore, to understand. And with that space, I will make use of it to create the person I am becoming. I will make space for the possibilities of the extraordinary. And instead of using these space to stifle others through acts of judgement, make use of these spaces to love instead.


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