And the greatest of them all is Love.

It’s a day where sometimes, you’ve just got to accept that morales run dry, words do no justice. When something so close to your heart hits again, it is not easy to go up to one another with all the positivity in the world and say, Hey it’s okay.

I’m no longer part of the team, but my heart resonates deeply with them, because we’ve been through it together and we’ve felt each other’s loss and pain. We’ve delved deep into the news, been up to date with the tragedy of MH370 every single day. It is no surprise that this recurring incident will be heartbreaking to all. There are too many grounds to cover without feeling remotely bleak. To think that your life, that is unquestionably severed from war and weaponry outside of our country could somehow end up enmeshed in that, is almost unthinkable. We are part of this strange web of events called life- and death is very much a part of it.

To write this, I feel undeserving precisely because I am alive, because I am in fact merely just an on-looker of breaking news, a person behind a computer screen, where life goes on and it goes on pretty damn well. It is easy to fall into the depths of hopelessness and despair. It is easy to be angry. Sometimes, it is also all too easy to forget.

It is easy to think of ourselves as insignificant within the immensity of it all, powerless when we meet face to face with death, or when it brushes your skin, cold and unreasonable. But while we are still here, while we are still unraveling these entanglements of life, don’t be hopeless, don’t be in despair, don’t be angry, don’t forget. While we are here, having a cup of coffee with friends, having a cigarette break with your colleagues, watching TV with your parents, you are in the very least, the most significant person on earth. You are significant because you live and breathe the very essence of this universe- love.

Before going to bed tonight, utter these words and let them live in and through you every day: Sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you.


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