It is almost morning. Their toes peek from his checkered sheets and the ocean walls fall asleep with their distant chatters still plastered within its gentle heartbeat.

In the dark, she could still see his eyes yearning amid the planets they have sown with careful devotion. She is fighting against fatigue and fear, her lips refuse to utter goodnight and her head refuses to let her heart speak, so she remains silent and let her head rise and fall to the undulating rhythm of his breath.

First light at dawn, unperturbed. When her eyes opened, the urgency of time crept into them, welled up. She thought that if she were to move and speak less, time would do the same. But it didn’t; it was relentless and relentlessly, it went on until the final trace of him too, was gone.

Left to her own, words began to take its shape, each syllable of desire and loss— of love — begins now to make sense again and the more they toss and turn in her gut, the more it leaves her wanting.

In the midst of it all, defy fleetingness, defy the death of words, defy apprehension and fear because time is and never will be on your side, but it can, however be nullified by your courage to transcend it. Because all I ever want is to relinquish the weight of your waits, where to love, isn’t at all to wait in its immutable darkness but to rage against the blinding light, where the only thing guiding ourselves is your hand in mine and the sound of our voice.

So speak the open seas, speak freely.


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